Our Focus:



BEST EQUIPMENT SPORTS TRENDS, is a company that focuses mainly on sports and casual apparel utilizing our Registered Trademarked brand name “BEST EQUIPMENT”. This brand conveys the simple message that the human body is the most important piece of equipment we all have. Whether you already have the best equipment, or you’re working on yours, wearing BEST EQUIPMENT apparel is a statement about what you want for yourself and a reminder of what it takes to get there.  BEST EQUIPMENT welcomes you to view our web pages and would also like to invite you to participate in the surveys on our site to express your views and opinions on a number of different apparel choices, print advertisements and wording styles. 

Custom Apparel Options:

B E S T also focuses on providing custom apparel choices for businesses that require company embroidered apparel for promotional purposes and or employee use. BEST represents a “factory direct” approach for businesses requiring these services through a long term marketing and sales relationship it has established with a worldwide manufacturer. The factory is vertically integrated and controls all aspects of the apparel production ranging from the creation of the fabric to all the cut and sew operations as well. This functionality provides for better service and quality control, in addition to being able to offer very competitive pricing to businesses, both on a wholesale, and direct import basis.



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